Friday, 14 March 2014

Accessorize goodies!


As I've already mentioned, I worked in accessorize for a few months covering maternity leave. I loved it there! The staff were lovely and hopefully if more hours come up they will have me back :) 

The chain is huge on customer service which I adore! There is nothing worse than walking into a store and being greeted by staff that look entirely sick of their lives. I cant express how much I loved working there, I got to tidy bags and jewellery which for a slightly OCD sparkle fanatic is just heaven! 

Needless to say I couldn't resist a few purchases while I was there 🙊 haha! 

I love doubling up on necklaces now! I'd never thought to do it before but now I do it pretty much everyday. I like to combine a nice statement necklace with something a bit simpler ( ^ as on the top left of this pic ^ ). 

I treated myself to a few goodies for my
holiday this year. The lace tabbard is a lush piece of beach wear, but it looks really nice over a black strappy vest with black leggings or skinnies :) 
(The silky scarf goes really well with a bright yellow top I brought from river island too). 

When my contract ended, I had a little spending spree just to keep me going ;) needless to say I won't need to buy any jewellery in a hurry :) I love accessorize, their products are gorgeous. 



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